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The question is often asked of us, "Who would want a plastic replica engine when you can get the real thing?" We are only too glad to list the many advantages of our lightweight replicas to those who inquire, and remind them that it's not always easy to get "the real thing". We are pleased that many street rod and race car fabricators, performance retailers, and even major auto manufacturers themselves have found a myriad of uses for our products. And that in the 12-year history of P-Ayr products, we have seen our collection grow from a single Chevy short block replica to now include over 150 part numbers.

It's important to stress that while many of our products are used for decorative or display purposes, each one is a faithful reproduction of the original, often with the cooperation of the original manufacturer. We use steel inserts for all bolt holes, and all specifications are held to OEM tolerances. You can bolt any factory component or accessory to a P-Ayr engine and it will fit. That's why many P-Ayr engines and transmissions are used to design and build chassis. They are perfect for mock-ups. We endeavor to keep up with what's new, and that's why you will find such relatively scarce items like the SB2 Chevy, Honda V-Tec and Mercury marine/truck engines. With this in mind, you can be sure we will be continually tooling for what's new. By the same token, we are always looking into reproducing scarce "vintage" engines with popular appeal. Our flathead Ford/Ardun and 348/409 Chevy engines are typical of this commitment.

If you don't see it on the web site, there's a good chance we are working on it or will be, if there's enough interest. Drop us a line!

Thanks for your interest in P-Ayr Products.

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